A Nation In Distress

A Nation In Distress

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mexico Is A Clear And Present Danger To The United States

From CIR and Floyd Reports:

Mexico is a Clear and Present Danger to America

Posted on March 11, 2011 by Kevin "Coach" Collins

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Left unaddressed the dangers Mexico poses to our security can spell disaster for us in short order.

There are a number of irrefutable charges against our southern neighbors, each one more ominous than the next. Consider these serious problems:

■Mexico is a fake nation. It is little more of a modern country contributing to the welfare of North America than Somali contributes to the worldwide community. The difference actually makes Mexico more dangerous, because it masquerades as a real country and Somali is recognized as a pirate’s den.

■The level of lawlessness in Mexico is such that more power is in the hands of criminal gangs than in the “august halls” of Mexico City. The gangs are fighting the government for control of the whole country and winning. Stories supporting this dangerous contest of wills appear in our media but rarely if ever do they include demands for stronger borders. Instead, we get an idiot judge telling a farmer who protected himself from Mexico’s shock troops of destruction he has to pay them damages.

■Moral decay in Mexico is rampant. The adherence to satanic worship in the once solidly Catholic country is gaining traction rapidly. Praying to Santa Muerte, the saint of death, has resulted in murders in Mexico and in the United States. People who kill others to honor Satan will do anything, including take up arms to challenge us to effect the “re-conquest” of our Southwestern states. What’s still worse is the kings of worshiping death. ■The Islamists are already operating in Mexico and teaching the criminal gangs how to make potent bombs. The similarities in the countenance of Mexicans and Mideastern terrorists present an increasing problem. Telling potential gardeners from potential homicide bombers is a daily risky choice for our border agents.

■Regardless of the duplicitous propaganda from our media, the Mexican government is not trustworthy. It’s not a “poor put upon neighbor” in need of a little help to fight off a gang of drunken bandits. To the contrary, at an alarming rate Mexican troops are selling out to the drug gangs and will certainly turn north and charge when ordered to do so.

Slopping hogs is a dirty business and so is trying to stay clear of the filth flying out of the Mexican cesspool. Our border security enforcement agencies are becoming corrupted by Mexico. The insane Project Gunwalker makes this point. It’s a plan to let known Mexican criminals buy guns in America so they can be followed back to their nests in Mexico for the sake of “building a better case.”

Cartels aren’t just drug rings. The sooner we understand this the more effectively we can combat them. Mexican cartels are fighting the Mexican government and each other for total control of everything that will make them rich within their territory and that includes the entire country of Mexico. They will sell drugs, of course, but they will sell weapons, human body parts, sex slaves, stolen goods, and they will smuggle Islamic terrorists into America. They are only different from the Mafia in that we can’t break them with a RICO indictment. It will take military action to stop them at our borders.

We have to recognize the danger they and the rest of Mexico pose or we will lose our country.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.

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